Tamaryn Green Crowned Miss SA 2018

Tamaryn has always spoken of how close and supportive her community of Paarl is, and if the reaction to her winning is anything to go by, Paarl is incredibly proud of our new Miss South Africa.

Tucked between rolling wine lands, the scenic beauty of Paarl holds many cultural and historical landmarks in the Drakenstein Valley. Driving into the third oldest settlement in South Africa on a chilly, Cape Town day, you could see how excited Tamaryn was to be home. Giving everyone an impromptu tour of her town, Tamaryn explained the importance of her carcade parade starting at the Stoepe.

The Stoepe is an area of Paarl where the community comes together, where young people spend their Friday nights and where you’ll always see someone you recognize. The Drakenstein Municipality mayor arranged that Tamaryn drives through the heart of Paarl, where the youth needed the most inspiring. Tamaryn is passionate about uplifting the youth in her community, and having them come out to meet her made filled her with hope and pride.

“She sounds just like us!”

The Green family moved to Paarl when Tamaryn was 9-years-old. With both parents in the education field, Tamaryn learned from a young age that knowledge is power. Attending a fee-free high school, Tamaryn recalls how overwhelmed the teachers were with some of the conditions their pupils had to endure. This taught her to take every opportunity with both hands and to work hard toward her goals.

“Circumstances do not define how big you can dream.”

After the parade, Tamaryn was given the opportunity to speak to the community. Overwhelmed with emotion, she thanked everyone for coming out to meet her and for the warm welcome she received. Speaking to the youth, she encouraged the young boys and girls to believe in their worth and work hard to achieve their goals.

You could tell by the way the young people of Paarl looked at Tamaryn that they had renewed hope that dreams can come true. Young boys and girls were given a reminder that circumstances do not define who you are or how big you can dream.

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